The first EU Hackathon for
innovative tech solutions to
handle risks in worship sites

Tech for SHRINEs call for innovators in support to places
of worship by enhancing their protection and security level.

Applications are now closed.
Thank you to everyone who participated.

About Tech for SHRINEs

The Hackathon ‘Tech for SHRINEs’ aims to investigate and identify novel technological solutions to prevent and contrast current and potential threats in worship sites and public spaces.

Co-funded by the EU, the goal of the initiative is to rise awareness about both existing and R&D technologies (TRL 6 and above) and to address the protection of places of worship while maintaining their fundamental characteristics and ethical values.


The Hackathon welcomes innovators.

The call is open to start up, spin off, SMEs, EU-funded projects, Universities, research centers, industrial actors and individuals. The candidate should be based or have at least a premises in Europe.

As a winner

The winning entity will have the prestigious opportunity to pitch their solution to an international community of stakeholders, investors and incubators.

As a candidate

 All candidates will access a unique arena for international visibility, contributing to reinforce security and safety standards for EU places of worship and public spaces.

Applications are now closed.
Thank you to everyone who participated.



24 April → 7 July 2024

First call
Register and submit your proposal.

July → September 2024

Second call
16 pre-selected candidates will be grouped in 4 specific clusters and will have to submit an updated version of their proposal based on more details provided about the assigned challenge.

24-27 November 2024

Hackathon in Assisi (Italy)
12 selected finalists will participate in the Tech for SHRINEs Hackathon, in the peerless location of Assisi. This four-day event will be the perfect platform to test and to showcase tech solutions in front of more than 100 international experts and stakeholders.

The winning finalists

Pitch your solution
The 4 winning finalists will have the unique opportunity to pitch their innovative solutions to the most key market suppliers, potential investors, and tech incubators.


Tech for SHRINEs aims to identify solutions providers capable of developing the most effective and innovative proposition, according a target scenario.


Applicants are encouraged to submit their solution and to address one or more of the 4 described scenarios.


Proposed solution must consider one or more of the following risks to be associates to the selected challenges:

Property Crime/Vandalism 



Environmental hazards and natural disasters


Discover more about the hackathon, explore the four challenges in detail, learn how to craft your solution and read the terms and conditions.

Download the guidelines

Tech for SHRINEs – Submit your solution

Hello and welcome to the submission form for Tech for SHRINEs.

Fill in the information about the contact person, your entity and the solution.

The call is open until 7th July 23:59 CEST (Europe Time).
If you have any questions, please write to

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      Contact person details

    • 2

      Legal information about the entity

    • 3

      Your solution / General

    • 4

      Your security solution / Details

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      Final Information


    Contact person details


    If participating as a consortium, please also fill in the details of the second entity


    Provide the information required according to the recommendation outlined in the Guidelines in max 2000 characters including spaces.

    To add more information about your solution attach a document

    Provide information about the level of innovation within the market and how your technology will differentiate itself in max 2000 characters including spaces.


    Specify the group of end-users you intend to target, such as religious organizations, public entities (e.g., law enforcement agencies, civil protection, municipalities, defense), private-sector security services (e.g., guarding, event security management), or mixed public-private sector security (e.g., critical infrastructure and utilities).

    Provide details regarding the level of competition for your specific product or service. Additionally, specify whether your idea is disruptive and has the potential to redefine the market, meaning that the products or services being introduced can be distinctly differentiated from existing competition in max 1500 characters including spaces.

    Provide details about any legal, ethical, religious, technological, or social barriers that your innovation faces in max 1500 characters including spaces.

    Provide information about the legal, ethical-religious, technological, or social barriers your innovation is confronted in max 1500 characters including spaces.


    If so, please provide the name of the project and the Grant Agreement number.


    The historical value of Assisi

    Tech for SHRINEs Hackathon will take place in Assisi. This is a significant and symbolical location: Assisi embodies the values of religious tolerance and coexistence. Its serene atmosphere fosters reflection and dialogue, making it an ideal setting for discussing strategies to safeguard religious sites worldwide. We are sure Assisi’s timeless beauty and cultural heritage will inspire a commitment to preserving sacred spaces for future generations.